City Grounds Re-Grand Opening (Long Beach, CA) » Come party with City Grounds to celebrate the expansion and re-opening of Long Beach’s premier fixed gear shop.

Get Ready For Summer #2 (Hellyer Park Velodrome) » Earn your Testarossa Velodrome Challenge qualification points here!

The Tournament (Amsterdam) » First in a series of alleycat races presented by The Faster Than You Crew.


Burrito Project 5th Birthday (Los Angeles, CA) » Five years ago a handful of good samaritans on bikes decided that hungry people need to eat too. Come celebrate one of the best rides in Los Angeles.

Go Fast Or Go Home (Dominguez Hills, CA) » The California Bicycle Racing criterium series continues!

Make Rent Cash Race (San Jose, CA) » Alleycat race for cold hard cash money — and Mardi Gras beads.

March Mashness (Indianapolis, IN) » Seven checkpoints over 31 miles. Don’t miss this alleycat.


Monster Track XII (New York City, NY) » Track bikes. City streets. Watch out no brakes! The baddest alleycat race of them all.

Tour De Murrieta (Murrieta, CA) » Perfect weather this weekend for a three-day stage race in Southern California.

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