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If you’ve been reading for the past couple months, you should know I’m really stoked on Chris Robin and his homemade Obree-inspired bike. Recently Chris was able to visit Manchester Velodrome and hang out with some real track legends

« It truly was a fantastic day. Everyone was so nice to us. We hung around the track talking to Graeme for about 4 hours — talking everything from tech stuff on Old Faithful to Björn Borg. I rode my bike on the track while Graeme stood and cheered on (a really bizarre situation). Then we got to hang with Jan van Eijden who is a former sprint champ and now Hoy’s coach. He was really super super nice and we talked about training and the Olympic Games. Then by a chance we bumped in to Sir Chris Hoy himself. And he was suuuuper nice, a really humble down to earth guy and SUPER BIG — I mean really big — like the Hulk. A real power house. Both Obree and Hoy signed my helmet and Obree signed my bike. Almost all day the track was booked by the British Team but they where so nice that they let me ride when they had a break. It felt really strange riding the track and being cheered on by guys like van Eijden. We filmed everything and we have great interviews with both Obree and van Eijden. I’ll let you know when we have edited. »

Keep up with Chris Robin’s latest at 42km/timmen

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