Race Recap: LAVRA Cup #2

The second LAVRA Cup race was last Saturday at Home Depot Center Velodrome. A great day of racing with all the homies on a BEAUTIFUL indoor wooden track. LAVRA seems to be taking their time posting up results for this series so this time it’s not so much a recap as it is just a bunch of shout outs…

Aram & Tim

Shout out to my new team mates, Tim and Aram for Predator Cycling. Yep, I joined a team. I didn’t just join any team. If you’ve been reading RTBL for a while, you should know that Predator is my favorite shop around — and I’m not just saying that cuz I’m on the team. More on that later.

Congo & Hern

Good to have the fixed freestyle rider Congo slaying it around the track. As John Prolly says, “If you can throw around a 25+ lb bike, you can rip a track apart!”

Meanwhie LA’s “alleycat king” Hernan Montenegro is back on track after a long winter full of cyclocross and he’s killing it.


What’s up to Ian and the guys from Adams Avenue who came up from San Diego. Ian chatted with me after the races about RTBL. Many thanks for the kind words. I’m really looking forward to racing at San Diego Velodrome again. Tuesday night racing starts up in April!


Thanks to Chriz G, Matt, Carlos and everyone else who came down to spectate and cheer the racers on. Good to see the stands filling up.

Chris Reed/Ryan Barrett

Chris Reed, sorry I bumped ya in the neutral lap before the Miss N Out. I shoulda called out that I was passing. Always learning! Ryan Barrett, good to have you back on the track. Hope you had fun in Vegas!

Justin Dillon

Justin Dillon went down in a three-man pile-up during the Points Race. Nothing broken except his rear disc wheel. Suuucks! But I’m glad you’re okay.

Keiron Menzies

And finally there’s me… and it sure feels good to be back on the track! The doctor told me no heavy lifting for now (i.e. no sprinting) so I just sat in and tried to keep up in all the races. I entered in two different categories so I did a lot of racing but pretty much did terribly in all of them. Still felt good to get the blood flowing again and I can’t wait for the next LAVRA Cup on March 19th.

Big ups to the many more friends (and rivals) who were at the races that day. You know who you are.

All the fine photos were taken by Beaver Beavs — who was also being an awesome race mechanic.

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