Race Recap: LAVRA Cup #1


I had a great time on Saturday watching the first round of the LAVRA Cup at the Home Depot Center Velodrome. Since I couldn’t race, I went there with Beaver Beavs just to hang out and spectate. We had a whole crew cheering from the stands. Plus a bunch of homies were racing including Zachary Scott (below in the VCR kit) who came down from SF and Tim McGee (in the Predator kit).


It was a very long day of racing with seven different fields each contesting an Omnium — that’s 21 races in total, not including the Match Sprints. There were a lot of riders on deck in each field. The Men’s Cat 4/5 field was at capacity and that’s always awesome to watch.


There were many notable performances. The Cat 1/2 field was fast and furious but former British Olympian Shaun Wallace is amazing, always kicking it into high gear just in time to take the finish. Aram Goganian was able to outsmart and outpower San Diego’s young talent Simon Ferguson in an epic Match Sprint tournament. Meanwhile, our pal Christopher Reed earned himself a new nickname for his intense race face: “Sabretooth” (in the PAA/Remax kit below).


Aside from watching the races, it’s always fun just to walk around and drool over all the pretty bicycles. We spotted Robert Smith’s glorious 3Rensho track bike (below) on the way to the snack machines and just had to take a minute to admire it. Robert has owned this bike since he got it new in the early 80’s and yes he’s still racing it!


Overall a great day of racing. Next time (March 5th) I’m hoping to be on track but it’s definitely fun to be a spectator once in a while. Many thanks to Beaver for rollin’ out with me and taking all the rad photos!

Results will be posted here when they become available.


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