This is a new segment of my blog where I round up all the track cycling news from the last week which I wasn’t able to make a full post about (in no particular order).

Is Australian Track Cycling Nearing ‘Crisis Point’? » Could a decline in amateur grassroots track cycling mean Australia is facing a talent pool shortage?

BikeNZ’s World Cup Squad » New Zealand’s track team being sent to Manchester for the World Cup this week.

Tanya Dubnicoff Joins Canada’s Coaching Staff » Former World Champ and Olympian officially becomes coach to the Canadian National Team.

Alkek Velodrome Race Schedule » Calendar of 2011 track races for Houston, TX.

LAVRA Cup Omnium Schedule » Categories and dates announced for the 2011 season at Home Depot Center Velodrome.

Olympic Velodrome Threatens To Give London A Good Name » Will this state-of-the-art facility for 2012 make it impossible for British comedy to be so self-deprecating all the time.

2011 ATRA Season Schedule » The key races in the American Track Racing Association’s National Championship Series are announced.

Bob Hansing Memorial Cup Series » Categories and dates announced for Encino Velodrome’s 2011 season plus a little history lesson (it’s a good read!).

Encino Velodrome’s 50th Anniversary Logo Contest » Submit a logo to this Flickr group!

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