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A six-race event which is contested over two days and includes mass-start racing as well as time trials. This Omnium was certainly a close call with USA’s Sarah Hammer and Great Britain’s Laura Trott tied in points at the end of the first day. For the last three races, Hammer and Trott were neck and neck — leapfrogging each other by a single point in the standings.

In the final race, the twenty-year old Laura Trott rode the fastest 500m Time Trial and Sarah Hammer (who rode the fastest 3000m Time Trial) got the 4th fastest time. In the final standings, Trott won the Gold medal over Hammer by two points. A very close one indeed.

GOLD — Great Britain (Laura Trott)
SILVER — United States (Sarah Hammer)
BRONZE — Australia (Annette Edmondson)

Full results available HERE. Photos courtesy of VeloNews.

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