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Without a doubt, the Blue Riband at the velodrome is the Match Sprint Gold medal. This is where the fastest and fiercest in the world duke it out for the win. Most folks thought the Olympic tournament would be watered down because of the new rules that only one athlete per country could represent. However the three-day tournament proved to be pretty exciting.

Everyone had eyes on Jason Kenny who was picked by Team GB over defending Olympic Champion Sir Chris Hoy to contest the Sprint. After Kenny qualified fastest and broke the Flying 200 Olympic Record, we all expected to find him in the final round against France’s World Champion Gregory Baugé. Aside from tenth-seeded Njisane Philip from Trinidad & Tobago making it to the Bronze final against Australia’s Shane Perkins, there were barely any upsets in the final results but still some good racing all around.

GOLD — Great Britain (Jason Kenny)
SILVER — France (Gregory Baugé)
BRONZE — Australia (Shane Perkins)

Full results available HERE. Photos courtesy of NBC Olympics (and check out the video of the final round HERE).

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