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At this point it becomes pretty clear which country will “win” the Olympics in track cycling. The British team of Dani King, Laura Trott and Joanna Rowsell broke the World Record three times — in the qualification round, then again in the first round heat against Canada and one more time in the final heat against USA. The new World Record stands at 3:14.051 (previously it was 3:15.720 set by the same team at World Championships this year).

GOLD — Great Britain (Dani King / Laura Trott / Joanna Rowsell)
SILVER — United States (Sarah Hammer / Dotsie Bausch / Lauren Tamayo)
BRONZE — Canada (Tara Whitten / Gillian Carleton / Jasmin Glaesser)

Full results available HERE. Photos courtesy of London2012.com

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