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With Chris Hoy, Jason Kenny and their newest team mate 19-year old Philip Hindes, Great Britain’s Men’s Team Sprint could not have gone better. While Victoria Pendleton and Jess Varnish had some trouble with their Women’s Team Sprint, relegating them to 8th place — the sold-out stadium crowd was all cheers for Hoy and company.

In the qualifying round, Hoy, Kenny and Hindes broke the Olympic record. Then the top eight teams advanced to the semi-final round. Hindes’ tire slipped a bit on the start so he crashed out in the first turn to get a restart. During the rerun, the Brits broke the World Record with a time of 42.747 seconds (previously set by Germany last year at 42.914 seconds).

The remaining teams advanced to the finals: Germany v. Australia for Bronze and Great Britain v. France for Gold. I expected France to be the biggest threat for Great Britain in this event but at this point, it was obvious that The Brits were in much better shape. In the final round, Hoy and his team once again smashed the World Record with a time of 42.6 seconds while Germany beat Australia for bronze. This is the fifth Olympic Gold medal for Sir Chris Hoy and the second for Jason Kenny. Here are your medals:

GOLD - Great Britain (Chris Hoy / Jason Kenny / Philip Hindes)
SILVER - France (Gregory Baugé / Michael D’Almeida / Kevin Sireau)
BRONZE - Germany (Rene Enders / Robert Forstemann / Maximillian Levy)

Full results are HERE. Photos courtesy of The Guardian.

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