This Saturday, two big track events are happening at the same time in the UK: The Red Bull Mini-Drome and the Revolution season finale at Manchester Velodrome. Of course they’re 200 hundred miles apart so naturally kids in London will go to the Mini-Drome and kids in Manchester will go to the Velodrome.

But how do you decide if you live somewhere in the middle — like Birmingham? Fortunately I broke it down in the chart below to help all the Brummies figure it out for themselves:


Manchester — home to The Bee Gees.

London — home to Iron Maiden.

250 meters around.

A little bit shorter.

Competitors known for
racing all over the world.

Competitors you know
from the pub up the street.

Flying 200m World Record: 9.572 s
(roughly 75 km/h).

Predicted speeds: 80 km/h!!!

If there’s a crash,
a collarbone will break.

There will be crashes,
everyone will laugh.



Dual disc wheels, aero bars
and shoe covers.

650c Aerospokes



Which event would you choose and why?

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