1994 World Championships - Graeme Obree Disqualified

If you’ve seen The Flying Scotsman (you should), then you already know how this goes down. I just watched it again last weekend and this event was (heavily) dramatized in the movie. It’s pretty cool to see how it happened in real life.

UCI spends half a day trying to ban the unconventional geometry of Graeme Obree’s Old Faithful. Obree goes so far as to grab a cheap saddle off a child’s mountain bike to meet their regulations. Then the officials just decide to ban Obree’s position.

Can’t this guy catch a break? I mean he broke the World Record TWICE during the previous year’s World Championships.

Oh by the way, did you know that Graeme Obree himself filmed all of the POV riding shots for that movie using a track bike with a video camera mounted on the handlebar? Neither did I until I read this awesome interview with Obree on Bicycle.net. Check it out!

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