Shaun Wallace sent me his Go Pro footage from the Tuesday Night Races at San Diego Velodrome last week. This is the A-Category Ten-Mile Scratch which makes for a long-winded video. But it’s still a treat to watch such a swift field which includes Junior World Champion Jen Valente, track super star Sarah Hammer and former British Olympian Shaun Wallace (the man behind the camera). For those that can’t stand to watch 24 minutes of racing, fast forward to 20:25 for the final three laps.

The racing down at San Diego Velodrome is absolutely top notch. The racers, organizers and of course the spectators all bring so much energy to the track and always makes me envious that they have such a great scene. Stop by to check out some Tuesday Night Races tonight (or any Tuesday) and don’t miss out on the Saturday Night Lights USAC racing series later this month.

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