Super Keirin for SNES

Man I wish I had this game on my Super Nintendo! Came out in 1995 and it was only available on the Japanese market. Not only is there racing in the gameplay but your character can go out and buy supplies and bicycles. It’s like a little NJS RPG. Here’s some info from Wikipedia:

« Super Keirin (スーパー競輪 Super Keirin) is a Japan-exclusive video game that allows players to become cyclists.

Before each race, players has the ability to buy supplies from a drug store, a 24-hour variety store, and a clothing store for a certain amount of yen per purchase. Interaction with non-player characters is possible while at the shopping district. There are nine competitors and five laps in a typical race. Every track that can be raced on using a bicycle is an velodrome with four superelevated turns that are typical in most velodromes. Riders are not always traveling at full speed or at a specific radius; making a balance between aggressive riding and passive riding a must.

All information for particular race is viewable on an information bank that is included with the racing action. Players must choose between story and party modes and can also bet on themselves and others for virtual money. This game uses cute anime-style graphics; stating that the premise of the game is less serious than other Super NES cycling video games. »

Well until I can find a Super Keirin cartridge, I guess I’ll be stuck playing this game.
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