Book Club: Cyclist’s Training Bible

Okay a delayed start to today’s posts. Here’s the second installment of the RTBL Book Club.

The Cyclist’s Training Bible is exactly what the title implies — the ultimate guide for racers and riders looking to improve their own fitness levels, whether for competition or to meet one’s own personal goals/challenges. It’ll to help you design a comprehensive personal training program tailored to your needs. Be your own coach!

Author and world-renowned coach Joe Friel touches on the many details that a cyclist needs to pay attention to from gauging your current ability to planning your training year to scheduling your weekly and daily workouts. There are also great chapters on recovery, nutrition, weight training and staying motivated. Friel doesn’t go into great detail on any of those subjects (there are other books that specialize specifically in details like that) but that helps keep the book a quick and easy read.

The best part is that The Cyclist’s Training Bible is a guide that encourages you to set your own goals and set up your training program to work on what you need to work on. While the book was written for road/endurance cyclists, us trackies can derive a great benefit from following Friel’s training principles. The menu of workouts makes it just as easy to focus on top speed as it is to focus on endurance or power. You assume the role of coach in this book, unlike some other training books on the market which do the coaching for you.

If you can’t afford to hire a coach, I highly recommend The Training Bible to aid your training and keep you focused. Even if you have a coach, it’s still a great read to help understand things like periodization, the dangers of overtraining and the importance of proper recovery. So no matter what your goals are for the upcoming season, check out The Cyclist’s Training Bible to help you achieve them.

The latest edition of The Cyclist’s Training Bible is available at VeloGear. Joe Friel has a lot more where that comes from too. You can check out some of his other books but I definitely recommend following his blog for free training tips during the season.

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