Riding In Sickness And In Health

Sorry about my absence in posts yesterday. I’ve been fighting this nasty cold all week and it got the better of me yesterday so I was pretty out of it.

I may have been bed-ridden yesterday but this morning I decided to get on my bike and ride despite the sore throat and stuffed nose. Of course, I feel so much better once I’m pedaling. Everything clears right up. It feels like the activity in my body and increased metabolic rate helps to fight the cold quicker. Or maybe I’m sweating it out, I don’t know — but now there’s no denying that riding helps make you feel better.

According to a study done at the University Of Wales Institute in Cardiff, statistics show a significant decrease in sickness-related absences with both students and faculty since they started heavily encouraging cycling as a form of transportation a few years ago. So if you’re feeling sick, try getting on your wheels. Rest and recovery is great and all but wouldn’t you rather be riding than laying in bed?

Read the full article at Bike World News.

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