Encino’s Fall Classic Upgrade Race

Last Saturday was the Fall Classic Upgrade Race at Encino Velodrome, presented by Bicycle John’s and Team Hollywood. Not a huge turnout but this is the off-season and honestly, the race fees were a little high ($20 to race). Still, it was a fun day of racing with friends and rivals. Lots of riders from the Intro To Track Racing class showed up which is way cool.

Cheers to Beaver Beavs for giving me a lift and snapping some sweet photos…

Samson Hatae getting pinned. Big props to him for trying to help me out against PAA/Remax's deadly team tactics. Those PAA/Remax guys are going to have a killer track team next year.

Grey clouds loomed over our heads the entire day with only patches of sunshine poking through here and there. Made for some very comfortable temperatures out there and I’m really glad it didn’t rain.

My good friend Zachary Scott gets his race face on. He recently moved up to San Francisco but came back down to visit us and take 2nd place in the Cat 5 field.

Yours truly coming around Ryan Barrett. He’s awesomely fast. Passing him is no easy feat. I came in 2nd place which was my first podium finish in I don’t know how long. Definitely had a great time racing and won a new pair of sunglasses from Tifosi!

See some more shots at Beaver’s Flickr

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