Check It Out: Chicago Velo Campus

This could be really awesome. Although, it’s only in the “wouldn’t-it-be-cool-if” planning stages right now, the Chicago Velo Campus is a concept for a world-class cycling and sports facility which would include:

- State-of-the-art indoor 250m velodrome track
- Outdoor and indoor BMX tracks
- Outdoor and indoor mountain bike tracks
- Outdoor cyclocross track
- Triathlon training center
- Wind tunnel facility
- Olympic-size swimming pool
- Running track
- Fitness center
- Coaching and educational facility
- Olympic development program
- Youth, beginner, elite and masters programs
- Community center
- Physical therapy and sports medicine center
- Sports retail
- Cycling museum
- Restaurant and cafe
- Health and juice bar
- Commuter hub

Sounds like a cyclist’s utopia. How can you help this project come to life? Buy one of those über-cool Casco Warp helmets and fifty bucks from each sale goes to the CVC. Check out more info here.

Found on Hipster Nascar!

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