ArtCrank - San Francisco » The poster party for bike people lands in The Bay. A gallery showing of bike-themed prints inside the Chome Bags store from 7pm to 11pm.


Double Dare » Burro and Strata are teaming up to bring this alleycat in Jacksonville, Florida. Meet up at Zombie Bikes at 2pm.

Fall Classic Upgrade Races » Bicycle John’s and Team Hollywood present a day of races for Cat 3’s to Cat 5’s (and Juniors) at Encino Veodrome. There’s also a Keirin tournament. Racing starts at noon.

Hell Track 3 » A day full of fixed gear fun in Toronto. Alleycat race, footdown, tricks, sprints and an afterparty to top it all off. Meet at Bickford Park at 7:30pm.

Kersed » Alleycat race in San Jose presented by Speedy Bee’s Delivery. Starting at iMINUSD at 3pm.

Revolution » The UK’s spectator-friendly stadium-style track racing season kicks off at Manchester Velodrome. Expect all the British stars like Sir Chris Hoy, Jason Kenny, Ross Edgar and Matt Crampton. Tickets are available online. Races start at 7pm.

Spooky Cross » Night time cyclocross race at Camp James Hidden Valley Park in Irvine. Oooh scary!

Stage Sprints Of Doom » Alleycat stage race in Eau Claire, WI. Pretty much everyone races to each checkpoint at the same time. Nice format! Meet at Demmeler Park at 1pm.

Tour De Fat - Los Angles » New Belgium Brewery’s celebration of the bicycle hits LA for the first time ever. Carnival style-festival with live acts and lots of fun. All starts with a parade at 10am at LA Historic Park.

Zombie Apocalypse » Alleycat race in Gainesville, Florida. Registration at 3pm at The Junkyard. Race at 4pm followd by an afterparty to the afterlife.


Chico Fixed Competition » Third annual fixed gear mega-competition in Chico with drag races, tricks, footdown and an alleycat. Meet at the parking lot between 1st and Wall at 3:30pm.

Roadrunner » Alleycat race in Florence, AL benefitting The Art Hive. Starts from Pegasus Records at 3pm.

SLO Cross » Cyclocross race up at Rancho El Chorro in San Luis Obispo. This is race #6 in the SoCal Cross Prestige Series.

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