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I love backpacks and whenever I see one I’m always like “ooh I need that” but then I’m like “oh nevermind” when I realize I already got a bunch of backpacks. But here’s one that’s so cool, I just have to get it no matter what.

The Chicago Velo Campus Race Day Backpack is designed for the racer on the go and it’s loaded with many awesome features. Of course there’s the padded mesh back, a main compartment for clean clothes, a padded laptop sleeve (which can also hold a track tote) and little pockets for personal stuff like keys and cards. On top of that, there are lots of original features designed to organize your race day including an insulated water bottle compartment with spaces for 4 bottles, expandable and ventilated compartments for shoes and a large expandable pocket to fit a helmet (aero or regular). There’s even a detachable “changing mat” integrated into the backpack to help keep your shoes and socks clean.

The track version comes with a track tote to organize all your chainrings, cogs and tools all for $180. The road version is just the backpack and that goes for $150. The best part is that all proceeds go directly to developing the Chicago Velo Campus — and we all want to see that dream become a reality.

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