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Well this neat little accessory is not necessarily for the track but it most certainly is genius. Ever go on a long training ride and the only place to keep your personal belongings (cell phone, cash and cards) is a jersey pocket that gets soaked with sweat through the course of the ride? The current solution I commonly see people using is a plastic ziplock bag. But ziplock bags rip easily, don’t last long, aren’t very environmentally friendly and they’re difficult to handle once they’re all slippery with sweat — not to mention they just don’t look cool.

That’s why Kevin Kang from Engine No. 11 and Brad Adams from Roadrunner Bags put their heads together and developed the Ready To Go Case. It’s basically a wallet for riding. The case has two pockets — one for a mobile phone and one for cards and cash. The tri-fold system makes the case water resistant and the velcro closures provide quick and easy access. Of course one of the coolest features is that it’s handmade by Brad out of mostly recycled materials (like all Roadrunner Bags).

Brad gave me one of these wallets over the weekend and I gotta say I’m really loving it. A simple design which looks great and really functional. The RTG Case will be available soon through Engine No. 11 and Stryker LA.

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