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This has to be one of the coolest new track products available. Predator Cycling has taken their trademark "Major" Handlebar system and applied it to the integrated stem of the Felt TK1. The result is a fully customized integrated bar and stem system and when combined with a world-class frame like the TK1, there’s no topping it.

Pictured above is the Predator Cycling’s first bar for the TK1 which is custom made for Cody O’Reilly. Since I stop by the shop all the time, I’ve witnessed this bar’s construction process square one (yes, they are made by hand in a little shop in Santa Monica). The final product is STIFF — just look at how beefy that joint is! On this particular model, the tops of the bends have been squared for use in Cody’s main event, the Madison. I heard a rumor that Kevin Mansker will be getting a custom sprint handlebar next so we might be seeing these puppies in action at the World Championships next year.

Check out more details of the TK1 Major at Predator Cycling.

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