Enter The Thunderdrome!

A while ago I reported on a guerilla urban renewal group called MowerGang who went and cleaned up Detroit’s abandoned Dorais Velodrome. Their mission was not to fully take on the restoration, but to invigorate the community’s interest.

And that’s where Thunderdrome comes in, a series of races taking place at the still-cracked and dilapidated Dorais Velodrome. Not just bike races either, we’re talking scooters and moped categories too — perhaps taking cues from these guys.

Given the condition of the track surface, it’s not really suitable for actual track racing yet. There will be a race category for road bikes and also a mountain bike course which strays from the velodrome surface a bit. Hey, someone should be throwing cyclocross races here!

All profits from Thunderdrome events will go towards restoring and revitalizing Dorais Park and the velodrome. Let’s see what you got, Detroit!

The first Thunderdrome race day is scheduled for Oct 16th. Check their website for more info and pre-registration.

[Picture stolen from Tracko]

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