Curse Of The Commonwealth Games

With all the trouble brewing in New Delhi around the 2010 Commonwealth Games, it seems like there’s some ancient gypsy curse at play here. With most athletes scheduled to arrive in the next couple days and competition scheduled to start in about 11 days, already there are already a slew of dramatic problems:

» A collapsed pedestrian bridge.

» A crumbling stadium ceiling.

» Horrible living conditions for the athletes.

» Outbreaks of dengue fever.

» Worst monsoons in twenty years.

» Allegations of corrupt event organizers.

» Threats of terrorism.

It all seems like the first half hour of some epic disaster movie. The concerns have apparently gotten so bad that a few countries are considering withdrawing from the Games unless the situation improves. Apparently, the organizers are being given 48 hours to figure shit out or a bunch of the main competing countries will leave the competition.

Of course nobody wants that to happen. Hopefully despite all the chaos, things will come together and we can all enjoy a great 2010 Commonwealth Games. Good luck, India!

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