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With 18 National Champion titles awarded, the 2011 Elite Track Cycling National Championships is all over now but I just have to recap a little on how rad the Saturday night racing was.

Like Friday night, all the racing was aggressive and of course fast. Giddeon Massie popped in a win in the Keirin tournament and Dana Feiss took the women’s Sprint title. The Points Races were some of the most exciting races I’ve seen this year. Elizabeth Newell won the women’s Points Race and the men’s race was won by Dan Holt with a stunning breakaway with less than ten laps to go. On the final lap of the 160-lap race, Holt bridged with the back of the field, earning him 20 points for the win.

The racers all worked hard but the true stars of Saturday night were the spectators — all 1,200 of them. Home Depot Center’s velodrome stadium was packed (but not that packed since the seating capacity is about 2,400) with cheering fans. It was a great time hanging out with friends and getting into the races and I don’t remember the last time I saw that many people there.

Overall, the event was very well-organized and all the promoters put on an excellent show for Elite Nats. I had a great time and while I’m sad to see the 2011 track racing season come to an end, I’m really excited to see this scene continue to grow next year.

Check out the full results at USA Cycling and some more photos from Beaver Beavs.

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