The 10 Commandments

…of sprinting (all 14 of them).

1) thou shall not give up without your best fight.
2) thou shall not put everyone to sleep by going slow without a reason.
3) thou shall enjoy a good loss just as much as a good win.
4) your trash talk should be funny!
5) winning with better equipment than your opponent is a humiliation.
6) thou shall strive to do the unexpected and learn new tactics.
7) always congratulate a good opponent (who follows these rules).
8) always thank a good official and good promoter and a good crowd of spectators.
9) your racing will happen on the track.. not on Facebook.
10) to be a sprinter you must SPRINT!!! this is not a fantasy game.
11) thou shall take ALL challengers and accept your fate with no fear of losing.
12) healthy living and hard work are the only methods. drugs and all other secret advantages are for assholes.
13) thou shall train harder, smarter, and longer.
14) thou shall always rest on mondays (and party on sunday night after the race).

Read the history of these ancient words on Gio Rey’s blog.

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