In what could be one of the greatest sports rivalries since the Kings vs. Oilers, there has been a healthy dose of competition at our Intro To Track Racing class between the rabblerousing troublemakers of Chain Gang T.O. and the mischievous hooligans of The Juice. Last week, both clubs were sporting their colors in full force and the situation quickly escalated like a scene from Beat Street.

Before the breakdancing on the infield got too out of hand, they decided to settle it on the track with a 4-man team sprint with teams starting on opposite sides of the track. Beaver caught it (most of it) on film.

Chain Gang T.O. won this battle but the war rages on. The Juice are recruiting some new riders and planning a comeback. Tomorrow night we will be doing Match Sprints all night long and you can expect to see a lot of grudge matches between these two clubs.

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